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project description

  • Objective: The main objective of this project was to create a web application for environment consultant companies to automate the complex calculations and report generation process. The traditional manual process took up to 7 days to generate an 8-page report, which was time-consuming and inefficient.

  • Solution: Tesseract TechnoLabs created a web application using Django-Python framework that allowed users to directly enter the data from the working site. The software automatically performed the complex calculations and generated a detailed report in PDF format within 1 minute.

  • Features: The software had several features such as data entry form, calculation engine, report generation, and PDF output. It also had a user-friendly interface that made it easy for users to enter the data and generate reports.

  • Benefits: The software provided several benefits to environment consultant companies such as reduced time and effort in report generation, increased accuracy and consistency, and improved productivity. It also helped them to provide timely and accurate reports to their customers, which enhanced their reputation.

  • Customization: The software was designed to be customizable, which means it could be tailored to meet the specific needs of different environment consultant companies. This flexibility allowed companies to use the software according to their requirements and preferences.

Technologies used

  • Technical details: The software was developed using Django-Python framework, which is a high-level web framework that enables rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. The software used several libraries and tools such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and ReportLab to perform the complex calculations and generate reports.


  • Conclusion: The "Environment software" project completed by Tesseract TechnoLabs was a successful solution to automate the complex calculations and report generation process for environment consultant companies. The software provided several benefits to companies and enhanced their productivity, accuracy, and reputation. The project demonstrated the expertise and capability of Tesseract TechnoLabs in developing customized web applications using the latest technologies and tools.


12 Months

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