Case Study

project description

  • With This project, we created a chatbot where users can search for hotel information, food menu, services, and amenities.

  • This chatbot was created for a startup whose business idea was to connect every hotel and restaurant within one application so that users can easily search for the menu and services available at the hotel easily.

  • The  Chatbot was created in Python using NLP libraries.

  • So users can directly search for any of his/her requirements or he/she can also check the list of available items with food and services.

Technologies used

  • To implement this chatbot we used Python as our main language because it has various tools available to perform NLP tasks.

  • To perform NLP tasks we used the NLTK library of the python

  • The Deep Learning mode was created in TensorFlow.

Difficulties we faced

  • The most difficult part to implement this chatbot was that we need to connect with a huge database and it was not structured, so fetching and formatting data became more difficult.


  • To overcome this situation, we performed an analysis of the database and implemented the entire logic for filtering and fetching data in python itself.


6 months

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